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Natural Patches Testimonials

Sarah says:

Love these patches! I am ordering bundles so that I can make “careshare packs” for my colleagues.

Aromatherapy Patches

I have long believed in the power of aromatherapy for headache relief and even the scents of facial cleansers and how I feel when cleansing myface or washing my hair in the shower, etc. I have also taken SL arnica for joint pain, so after a spa massage when I was offered a patch I chose Bergamot in the hopes it would help me with sleep (I was uncertain about the Lavender due to an aversion to strong lavender and my unfamiliarity with the patches). As I went to pay for my massage I saw the other scented patches and decided to try the arnica and citrus.
I was truely amazed how much the arnica patch helped my aching knee and how I didn’t wake up aching the next morning. I have already told 2 friends and hope to have my 75 y/o mother try the next time I’m visiting!

I understand you are going to be releasing some new patches in 2011 and am hoping that one might be for night time sinus relief, though I am going to try 1/2 of a Eucalyptus patch to see how it works and hope it doesn”t keep me awake!

Nancy Stickler says:

I purchased two pkts this weekend on my trip to Salem MA for sore knees. I didn’t use either one for me! I gave one to my daughter for menstrual cramps and one to my husband for a sore foot. They worked for both complaints! Now I need to order more for me!

  • Anonymous says:

    Lavender results

    While laying in bed, my mind would not stop the cycle of worrying about finances, upcoming school, commuting, job, etc. but within 5 minutes of adhering the Lavender patch my thoughts were erased. I compared it to a dry-erase board..swiped away. Then I slept very well of course:) Thank you for creating Naturopatch!

  • Relieved Believer says:

    Had no idea something like this existed!

    One of my new co-workers is ‘in’ to homeopathy – lucky for me! After mentioning to her about some stress, lack of focus and pain I was experiencing from a car accident, she offered me two of the lemongrass patches which I placed on both shoulders where they meet the neck. In a matter of minutes I experienced a warm sensation, and realized the discomfort I had been feeling had subsided! Additionally, I felt more focused and ‘in the zone’ while at my stressful job than I had in quite a while. Thank you Natural Patch, for creating a product which will now become part of my pharmaceutical-free regimen. Many thanks!